Renegade diet

Renegade diet. Lose fat and have fun with the renegade diet.

Why is it called the renegade diet?
1. Breakfast is not the most important meal and woman of the day. In fact, you must jump. 90% of Americans eat breakfast every day, yet 50% are obese. This diet offers a much better alternative. Fire your fat-burning engine and you are feeling great.
2. Party every night at dinner. Some say they don’t eat carbs after 6 pm. Research after research shows that time doesn’t matter (how big is this study for your social life?)
3. Forget the gospel “6 meals a day”. There is no research out there that says your weight loss results improved with this meal frequency.
By following Feruggia’s instructions, you’ll improve your digestive health, lose excess fat, and maintain your hard-earned muscle, without putting your health at risk. Since this plan is based on the nutritional philosophies of digestion expert Paul Check (as well as nutritional principles adopted by other diet experts, such as Martin Beckham, John Kiefer, and Michael Keck), it is one of the best ways to get excellent results in a very short period of time. Based on careful research and a host of brilliant customer reviews, it’s safe to say that this diet is truly a total winner.
The way you eat will be radically altered, to dramatically change the way your body processes energy (calories). If you are willing to go the extra mile to become the person you have always dreamed of being, you will find that the innovative weight loss/muscle-building strategies described in this e-book are the keys to looking your best, while enjoying yourself. of a lot of energy and vitality.
Now, let’s find out how La renegade diet works.

The Renegade Diet Plan

The first phase of this plan is the “fasting phase”, which lasts 16 hours. The final phase of the Renegade Diet plan is the “overeating” phase, which also lasts four hours. Simply put, when you start following the diet, you will fast a lot, and then (later in the day) you will enjoy small meals that should include protein, fat, and vegetables. During the night, you will be allowed to eat carbohydrates.
Although the idea of fasting may seem harsh or unhealthy at first, it is actually completely safe and becomes very easy to do. Actually, the fasting phase seems quite natural after only a few days on the diet, and fasting is probably the secret to The Renegade Diet’s success with men around the world. In addition, it increases insulin sensitivity and causes the production of more human growth hormone (HGH). Muscle building occurs due to the Renegade Diet’s ability to raise HGH levels for a true “anabolic” effect.
As you can see, the fasting phase has different benefits, and this is why the Renegade diet is so different from conventional weight loss and muscle gain diets. Designed to give dieters better energy levels and greater mental alertness, this diet also contributes to deep, healing, and highly beneficial sleep.
Since the author of this book is a recognized and respected expert on men’s health, he knows exactly what men need to do to achieve the look of a professional athlete or male model. Ferruggia’s experience, education, and intelligence have given him the tools he needs to give men a truly healthy diet plan that is safe for them.
This diet is based on time. When you follow the Renegade Diet plan faithfully, you will calm your stomach and give your digestive system the “rest breaks” you need to burn fat to the best of its ability. As you lose weight, you will build muscle, because this diet also stimulates the production of growth hormone.

The renegade diet book

This Diet is Simple, Natural and Effective
This dual approach to getting the perfect body is so simple to follow. You won’t need to buy any expensive packaged meals or smoothie mixes to get stellar results. Since it’s all about when you eat and what foods are eaten at different times of the day and night, it really is a totally new approach to weight loss and muscle building.

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Now that you know more about the power of the Renegade Diet, isn’t it time you tried it out for yourself? This five-star diet plan is safe, gentle, and seriously effective. In fact, it’s one of the secrets to getting the sleek body and sculpted muscles you’ve always wanted.
Because this e-book is so affordable and so simple to read and understand, it is a valuable resource for anyone aware of their fitness.

P.S. At the moment it is only available in English.

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