Extreme Fat Loss

Extreme Fat Loss

Extreme Fat Loss
This little article is about my little brother (Matthias Vidic) who went from 120 kg (265 lbs) to 60 kg (130 lbs) in just 6 months. Most people quit when they first feel very hungry because they started a too aggressive diet. If you eat a few days you can lose a lot of weight, but if you do not drink anything for a few hours sweating and you can lose 4 kg. Not drinking enough water can be very dangerous and if you stop eating for a few days you will become very hungry and the Yo-Yo effect will make you fatter than ever. Diet alone is not enough to get you.

The first thing you lose in a diet without exercise is muscle mass. To see more nutrition topics go to the main nutrition page. Go to the main issues relating to weight training.

Description: Extreme Fat Loss
• First you must start with a real goal and not just try to look good for your next summer vacation. If you really want to change, you have to change your lifestyle and not just your nutrition for a couple of days or weeks. My brother wanted to be the best soccer player in his town, but when he started he was over 120 kg. (he was far from his goal)
• I offered my help and told him that after 6 months he could run farther than any of his friends. He was 15 years old and overweight, so it was time for a good diet and exercise program before he entered his next phase of growth. After 6 months he should weigh only half as much.
• His school holidays had just started and I was just finishing my military service, so I had time for him and his soccer plans and we started the next day. We got up at 6:00 in the morning and trained for 20 minutes in our garden. He trained with an approximate pulse. 130 to 150 and after 20 minutes of exercise we had breakfast; usually cereal, yogurt, bread, cheese without much fat, etc. In the afternoon he usually went out to play soccer or go on a bike ride.
• We eliminated chocolate bars, chips and candy from their menu and replaced them with cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits. Once you leave your students alone they think that three 1000 cals of ice cream in the afternoon are no big deal if they train 10 minutes after school and then everything will be fine. You have to learn to calculate calories. If you don’t know that 1 gram of fat has more than twice as many calories as 1 gram of protein or carbohydrates, you may never understand why you don’t lose weight. Every time he wanted to eat something, he had to look at the protein and calorie content on the nutritional value table.
• The next problem was his constant hunger anxiety. To avoid this anxiety I told him to eat 6 times a day (instead of 3 times). You get very hungry when your blood sugar is too low, so a little fruit, yogurt every 3 hours can help. Many people make the mistake of eating only once or twice a day when trying to diet. The longer the time between meals, the more likely you are to become extremely hungry and lose control and begin to swallow candy, chocolate, and potato chips as if you have a black hole in your stomach.
• So he kept up his training and counted calories each time when he prepared his food. After 3 months he could easily run 2 hours without resting and even signed up for a half marathon while on vacation in France.
• But that was only the start.
• We continued training and my brother’s goal got closer and closer. After 6 months none of his friends recognized him when he visited his old school (since he changed schools that summer). He was in very good shape and his soccer team allowed him to be a midfield player instead of a goalkeeper.
Tips: Extreme Fat Loss
• Consult Your Doctor Before starting the diet thisa like.

• Don’t change your weight, Change your lifestyle.
• First requirement: A table of nutritional value
• Begin your diet by learning about nutrition and training methods.
• Diet alone is not enough. To get in shape, you will also need exercise.
• Running is one of the best forms of exercise, but if you are very overweight, you should start with a less strenuous activity that causes less stress on your knees, back and hips.
Risks: Extreme Fat Loss
• If you start running long distances from one day to the next, you can get swelling or joint problems.
• Don’t get too excited and take it easy at first. Health comes first.
• The faster you lose weight, the higher the risk of ending up with excess skin.

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