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Everyone needs more muscle. If you want it, learn to earn it.

There are plenty of reasons to gain muscle. If you don’t have enough muscle, you will have a terrible time losing fat. There is no toning, that model in the photo simply has more muscle and less fat than you. Cardio is not enough. Ladies, don’t worry, you’re not going to be like the hulk. If you are already an age, muscle is your pension plan to be healthy.

Here are the secrets to filling in those clothes and looking great:

1. Lifting weight

Long, continuous efforts, like cross-country running or cycling, are great for burning fat, but they don’t grow your muscles. Shot putters, sprinters, tennis players, basketball players? They all lift weights.

2. Lift more weight

For your muscles to grow you have to push yourself beyond your limit. Be careful, do not injure yourself. Always maintain the correct posture. You just have to follow this principle: when your head tells you that you can’t lift the weight one more time, lift it one more time.

3. Volume

More weight or more reps? Both! This is multiplied by the weight and volume iterations will increase your cost. Doing only three reps with heavy weight will increase strength, but not muscle size.

4. Short and intense

Your muscles store finite energy in the form of glycogen. With your own strength you have to push the muscles to the limit.

5. Measure and progress

The muscles quickly get used to the effort. That is why it is important to keep a journal of your training and your progress, and each day to lift more volume than the last time. I have not said the same, I have said something else. For example, if you did ten reps with 20 kilos, you have to do ten with 25 kilos, or twelve with 20 kilos.

6. Rest

Jim muscles do not grow, you grow up it’s time for bed. If you don’t take days off between training sessions, or don’t get enough sleep, muscle fibers don’t regenerate properly and don’t grow. Can’t lift more than in the previous session? Your muscles have not recovered. Go home and come back the next day.

7. Eat

We are talking about increasing the muscle, not lose weight. You have to eat more, but without overdoing it. Calculate an additional 15% on your usual expense. Your body will need to create a new mass, so you need itaguli, it is more protein. But not just proteins. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body breaks down protein for energy, and it doesn’t reach your muscles. Eat carbs that are absorbed slowly, such as legumes, brown rice, and lots of greens. Do not forget about the fat, little, but necessary.

8. No stress

You already know that growth hormone is essential for your muscle growth. But if you’re stressed, your body is flooded with cortisol, a hormone that puts us on our toes. Cortisol blocks growth hormone and testosterone.

All of this is not a year-round program. I repeat, we are talking about gaining muscle, but you cannot gain it indefinitely. You have to alternate seasons of muscle growth with others of maintenance or loss of fat.

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