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Why can’t i stop eating

Food is a source of well-being through nutritional care. However, there are times when those who experience this smell and daily happiness become a focus of concern for establishing a bond of food dependence.
The feeling of hunger can also be emotional. Thus, the temptation to indulge in something can occur even after having tasted a recipe. Why can’t I stop eating? In Psychology-Online we reflect on this question.

Why can’t I stop eating? Emotional hunger
Emotional hunger differs from actual physical sensation in that it is conditioned by the impulse of a mood, for example, stress, anxiety, sadness, or disgust.

What is psychonutrition
As shown by psychonutrition, a discipline that links two different but interconnected disciplines such as nutrition and psychology, It was the table habit mental motivation and relationship summary that realized that a person’s order habits are positive in order to establish illiteracy in order to integrate something new.
Food Abraham Maslow’s pyramid such as Mars is a good explanation of the basic need for human relationships, but, mental hunger reflects a different reality. When a person eats emotionally motivated by hunger, they do not recover after that moment after taking certain foods. For what? Because the search for Mars happens, first of all, to hear that emotion and not to hide it.
The response is characterized by such characteristic frankness. That is, a gradual appetite does not arise. The urge is so intense that the person also does not enjoy the creative process of cooking a delicious dish but instead takes any food (often sweet) to satisfy that feeling.

How to stop eating for anxiety
First of all, if a person feels that they lose control over food, it is very important that they talk with their doctor as a health specialist to determine an accurate diagnosis. Once individuals are aware that anxiety causes them discomfort, they can begin to take care of themselves more consciously.

1. Help from the psychonutritionist
Experts can advise individuals on establishing a healthy and balanced diet that meets their needs and lifestyle. It can also help you lay the foundation for a new relationship with food.. An independent, more conscious and healthy relationship.

2. Mindful eating
A person, eating may be physically present in a place, yet his mind is not really growing at that moment. This is the case when a worker quickly eats in front of the computer.
Therefore, create a ritual of well-being around the table, disconnecting the telephone and the television during that moment.

Therefore, it is important that when you go to the supermarket to make shopping baskets you choose your healthy and varied ingredients to prepare your weekly menu. Give the product of the season a special role.

3. Reduce stress levels in your life
This is a good time to consider important changes in your life on Mars through a restructuring of the growth agenda. Soon, walking will find more activities like nature in other meeting moments and places.

4. Self-knowledge
By listening to the sensations of your body. This division increases your level of empowerment to respond by continuing to eat the chain of soulish appetite instead of thinking about your objective needs.

5. Take a cooking course
A course in which you discover the potential of this art seen through cooking techniques, the wide variety of healthy recipes, and creative entertainment.

Anxiety about eating while on a diet: treatment
Sometimes, the feeling of anxiety arises in the particular context of a diet process that, sometimes, has been initiated by self-motivation without consulting the indications of a specialist. Therefore, those who want to go dieting personally must consult with an expert that will establish a personal action plan as per the needs of the person.

Diet with professional advice
It may also occur that the feeling of anxiety is at a physical level but renouncing certain whimsy that the protagonist does not arise from hunger from the mental factor used to give himself or from those changes (it is possible to make exceptions from time to time) that this situation in life. For example, if you meet your friends for dinner you may need to change your social habits to test your willpower rather than sticking to food.

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