10 Incredible Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

10 Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

How to increase muscle mass? In this post we will give you some tricks so that you can increase muscle mass doing it correctly. First of all, take note of everything that we will explain below so that you keep it in mind at all times. But first we want an expert like Sascha fitness to give us her 10 best tips to increase muscle mass. Then we will add other tips to gain muscle mass that are very effective too, especially if you apply them all together. Table of Contents • The 10 Best Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

 o 1- Speed ​​up your metabolism

o 2- Eat more to gain muscles

 o 3- Deadlift

 o 4- Sleep early

 o 5- Eat meat

 o 6- sin with a cheat meal a week

o 7- Fruits and vegetables

 o 8- A Protein Shake a day

1- Speed ​​up your metabolism

 o 9- Put rhythm to workouts 10- One hand push-ups The 10 Best Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

The first trick that we are going to explain about how to increase muscle mass consists of forcing the metabolism, speeding it up since this way you will be able to achieve better and greater results with your daily workouts. You will ask yourself: But how do I force my metabolism?

Well, the first way to do it is very simple, put ice in your drinks. Ice forces your body to work extra to melt it and acclimate it to your body temperature. Therefore: you are burning more calories. Another very good way to achieve this is to exercise in intervals of time and intensity. If you ride a bicycle today for cardiovascular exercise, as time passes the intensity of the bicycle changes. You need to add coffee to increase your muscle mass. Not only does it help you to be more awake at different times, but it has also been shown that daily coffee drinkers have a metabolic rate 16% higher than average. However, coffee should not be abused as it can cause hypertension or unleash the nerves.

 2- Eat more to gain muscles

Eat more? It may seem strange to you since “eating more” translates into gaining weight for many people. Well, this is not necessarily the case, as long as you follow the following rules. The question that is heard a lot when friends know that you go to a gym to gain muscle. If you do not gain weight with what you currently eat, it is because your body is consuming all the calories that you have ingested during the day.

3- Deadlift

A third muscle-building trick, or rather an open secret, is the top-grip deadlift.


This exercise allows you to build muscle mass faster than any other you can do in the gym.

You must be very careful when executing this exercise as it is quite complicated and any bad position can cause injury.

4- Sleep early

 Many comment on our secret room and know it but few comply with it. Sleeping early helps muscle growth and we always insist on this advice because pleasant sleep, that is, really resting by turning off body and brain for at least 6 hours, guarantees protein synthesis and growth hormone secretion.

 5- eat meat

The fifth trick to boost your muscle mass is to eat red meat. A good piece of red meat is loaded with vitamins and proteins that are excellent for building muscle. The problem with this type of meat is the amount of cholesterol and fats that come with it, therefore you should limit its intake to only twice a week.

6- sin with a cheat meal a week

The sixth trick that we will give you on how to increase muscle mass you are going to love. Fall into the temptation of a hypocaloric meal a week, have a cheat meal every 7 days. This day you have the permission to eat what you want but not how you want it and this is where many are “wrong” because it is not to sin for a whole day and eat what causes you; is selecting a single day meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, to eat a cheat meal, or what we call a cheat meal. Skipping the diet once a week will help your body keep metabolism high since after spending about 7 days eating rationed and healthy your brain receives a signal of VERY HUNGER. So this sudden spike in your calorie intake causes increased secretion in the thyroid leading to further fat loss.

7- Fruits and vegetables

Enough of falling into temptations. Now we will explain the seventh trick that most likely you will not like as much as the previous one. You should eat at least a couple of servings of fruit and vegetables a day. By adding these portions to each of your dishes you speed up the process of building muscle because vegetables and fruits provide antioxidants, which causes proteins to reach the muscles much faster.

 8- One Protein Shake a day Our eighth tip is a mega shake that will restore your muscles after a good workout. The shake that we recommend you prepare after you leave everything inside the gym is the following: • 30 grams of your favorite protein. • 60 grams of carbs. • 5 grams of creatine. • 5 grams of glutamine. • 5 grams of BCAAs. We recommend that you use a good quality protein. We prefer Let’s take a parenthesis here. Always remember that tricks work as long as you practice them together and not separately. Try to combine them in the best way and take advantage of each of them.

9- Put rhythm to workouts

 We are almost done, we have reached the ninth secret to increasing muscle mass and one of the easiest to fulfill, but we do not always give it the attention it deserves: Music! As you read, it is super important that you go to your gym with a set of songs of your favorite music. Music helps you concentrate when performing the movements and helps distract you from the tiredness and fatigue that training generates. It is a psychological process that makes the brain entertain with the exercises and what is heard, making the training a more pleasant session and it will seem that time has flown by. But of course it is important that you put the rhythm to the correct routine for you. If you are an ectomorphic type that has trouble gaining muscle mass then the StrongLifts 5 × 5 routine is the one for you.

10- One hand push-ups Finally, the tenth secret of  how to increase muscle mass

 that we want to share is to incorporate one-hand push-ups in your workouts. You will think that we have gone crazy, that perhaps you do not have the necessary or sufficient strength to do it. Well no and here we explain: Little by little you should try to do them and you will see how your body will adapt and you will be able to execute them with greater fluidity. It is amazing how many muscles this exercise works and you can see incredible results if you add it to your routines. Yes, it is true that it is a bit difficult exercise, but it is not impossible. If you are a beginner, wait at least a month, that is, when you have gained a little more strength and endurance to start. And so we have reached the end of this interesting post made for you with 10 infallible tips that we have shared for your body to start its path to muscle growth.

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