Core or central training

Core or central training

Core or central training

Pole is a fantastic routine. You’ll never have to do sit-ups or planks again, and in time, that six-pack would be yours. As someone who did weights in the gym religiously four or five times a week, you will see that no amount of gymnastics will give you the same toned body as pole dancing.

Excellent source of Cardio

At first glance, most people won’t consider pole dancing for cardiovascular benefits, but this is where they are wrong.

Cardiovascular activity is a key element of pole routines. It can be quite a grueling workout, as you are doing a lot of frenzied strength movements in sequence for three to four minutes. It is amazing for your body.

If you want to get in shape, just work on a routine for three months.

As we train we put into a four to the five-minute routine that provides a great burst of anaerobic cardio. Depending on your fitness levels and routine, a barbell workout can easily provide you with the maximum heart rate bursts you need for cardiovascular health.

There is nothing like doing a pole routine to get your heart racing.

Improves vital functions

Exercising on this metal bar increases heart and lung capacity. It is an activity that optimizes blood circulation and activates the body in general.

Tone and lose weight

If a strong core and cardio workout aren’t enough to convince you, perhaps toning can.

The tube is the main element in this sport and the different movements that are carried out in it help to strengthen and shape the muscles of the legs, back, abdomen, and arms.

Pole fitness is an upper-body intensive sport so your arms, shoulders, and abs are the first to tone up.

You always work with your natural body weight. Your pectoral (chest) muscles will develop, which is the same effect as doing a lot of push-ups. Plus, it’s not that boring, and you won’t need a wonderful bra for that extra lift.

Certain pole positions also work on the inner thighs and quads. But the real way to exercise comes from doing dynamic stretching exercises, which not only work great but make you more flexible at the same time.

When it comes to shedding a few pounds, the pole can definitely help. Like any other form of exercise, you won’t lose weight if you only do it once a week.

Pole dancing stimulates the metabolism, eliminates toxins, and reduces body weight. In a class and depending on the intensity of the movements, 400 to 800 calories are lost.

A healthy and balanced diet is always recommended at least three or four times a week, and naturally.

Strengthen your back

Pole moves will develop your back muscles to be very strong.

This, combined with a strong core, means reduced injuries from the everyday in your life. You won’t need a man to carry your bags or move your sofa, you can do it yourself!

Coordination and balance

Pole dancing also requires an incredible amount of coordination and balance. Learning to control turns will strengthen muscles throughout your body.

Back and torso strength is required to do a pole routine and these same ingredients allow for good posture. Good posture is important for optimal lung function, healthy digestion, a healthy spine, and an alert and engaged mind.

Raises self-esteem

It is a good exercise to release endorphins, and in this way reduce stress and depression. Likewise, it provides security and sensuality.

General recommendations

1. Train under the supervision of a professional.

2. Before starting this routine, it is vital to warm up and stretch your muscles.

3. Wear suitable clothing: short shorts, sleeveless flannels, tops, and leg warmers for protection.

4. It is important to have control of the body. Over time, dexterity and flexibility develop.

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