Goodbye to diets: Tips to lose weight without stopping eating

There are no more excuses to be healthy. Learn to reach your ideal weight without making complicated and sacrificing diets.

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Veja magazine published a study by the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology that certified 13 ways to lose weight without subjecting ourselves to strict diets. Here we tell you what these sacred secrets are.

The research found that most women quit the diet after an average of 5 weeks. She also assured that 16% abandon it after a week and only 13% maintain the diet for 13 weeks.

But what if we told you that you can lose weight without dieting?

Secrets to lose weight:

1. Sleep well: Bad sleep increases your appetite and reduces the chances of burning calories. Here we tell you the importance of sleeping well.

2. Television is prohibited in the room: The investigation concluded that having a television in the room increases the chances of eating in front of it. Avoid this bad habit and go to bed at a reasonable time so you don’t eat late.

3. Drink 2 and a half liters of water a day: The endocrinologist of the study, Gláucia Ram, recommends drinking two and a half liters of water a day to lose weight because it increases satiety and makes the person consume fewer calories.

4. Practice yoga: This activity can be useful to reduce the risk of obesity because yoga is related to a healthy and conscious diet, so avoid eating foods high in calories.

5. Only one plate on the table: Make sure to bring only one plate to the table to control what you are eating. The endocrinologist, Marcio Mancini, suggests this habit as a great solution to avoid overeating and measure yourself in your consumption.

6. Choose smaller plates and glasses: To control the amount of food on the plate it is advisable to buy smaller plates and glasses. Marcio Mancini ensures that “if the person is not following the diet, these habits can also potentially lead to weight loss.”

7. Eat at the right time: The time we eat affects weight gain. The consumption of fatty and caloric foods can worsen its effect if we eat after hours and after 20 hours.

8. Focus on what you are eating: Eating while we are doing other things, such as being on the computer, increases the chances of ingesting a greater amount.

9. Drink less alcohol: It is suggested that alcohol be eliminated from the traditional diet since it has many calories and makes the person who drinks alcohol during meals lose the notion of the amount of food they are consuming.

10. Eat less fat: If you maintain proper eating habits and eat less fat, it can be favorable to maintain the line and lose weight. With this measure you can lose at least 1 kilo and a half in six months. Decreasing your intake helps lower blood cholesterol and body index.

11. Eat more vegetables and whole foods: Giving preferences to these types of foods increases satiety and decreases appetite at other meals.

12. Exercise: Doing a little physical activity is essential for all people and for those who want to lose weight. A simple 30-minute walk around your neighborhood will burn off the calories consumed and prevent them from accumulating.

13. Leave the car at home and walk: Moving on foot or by bicycle can be a good habit to lose weight. It also leaves out the elevators and escalators.

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