The flat stomach diet that you will find inactive, is indicated for all those people who have not done their homework throughout the year. If you do not eat well, it is difficult to get a flat stomach but, do not worry because below we offer you the keys to get you started on your goal of showing off the belly that you are willing to achieve. Remember that, although they are recommendations that you must apply in your day to day, the idea is that you carry them out all year round, introduce it into Your little by little, and achieve a healthy life.

First of all, our diet has to be good and balanced taking into account that it must have all the necessary nutrients because, if they lack them, we will end up with a bloated belly. All this, combined with specific sports to eliminate excess fat from the abdominal area, will be key to success.


In the section on nutritional plans, you can find the flat stomach diet, made up of dishes that range from breakfast to dinner. In plan, it is composed of a total of 4 weeks in which you will find detailed menus at breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack, and dinner. The daily plans tell you the nutritional information made up of the calories, protein, carbohydrates, and total fat that you will consume during the day. In turn, you will have at your disposal the recipes of some of the proposed dishes.

The active diets are adapted to your needs. You will not fall into the repetition of the same dishes and ingredients; You will have a great variety of foods so that you can eat in a balanced and varied way with healthy and fresh products. In the recipes, step by step we will explain how to prepare the proposed dish.


To achieve a flat stomach, as we have said before, the union of the correct diet and exercise is essential. If after weeks of training, you do not get results, fix your attention on what you eat.

So that you have all the information you need to achieve an enviable belly and eliminate excess fat, here are some tips to take into account and integrate into your days.

DRY FRUITS: Even though they are caloric foods and that, commonly, people usually banish when starting a diet, they contain protein and fiber. They have a satiating effect and also provide energy. If you take them in small amounts, they will not only help you reduce your appetite but, in addition, you will be introducing healthy fat into your body, while helping to build muscle.

VEGETABLES: Vegetables of different colors provide your body with vitamin A, C, folic acid, and minerals. This helps eliminate fluids and provide your body with a large amount of fiber. They are ideal for neutralizing free radicals and, ultimately, they are the best allies for your abdomen.

VEGETABLE PROTEIN: Legumes are a rich source of vegetable protein and are perfect for a complete meal. They help burn fat, intestinal transit, regulate digestion, reduce appetite, and help the muscles. Many people avoid them because of the gases, but if you cook them properly, adding cumin to cooking, for example, you will eliminate that problem.

MONOINSATURATED FATS: We cannot eliminate fat on a flat stomach diet, because it is an element as important as any other Extra virgin olive oil with a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power is a healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocado is also very caloric but helps to lose belly fat.

FRUITS: Antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, source of fiber, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, the great contribution of potassium, beta-carotene … Do you still have doubts about consuming this fresh food and so appropriate to get your flat stomach? Take them in all colors, whole (not in juices) as a snack between meals and always fresh.

OATS: Your best ally for the goal of achieving a flat stomach. Its high fiber content satisfies and helps eliminate what is leftover from the body. Oatmeal helps you burn fat and keeps you energized for longer as it keeps your sugar levels constant. By eating oatmeal for breakfast, you ensure that you will not be hungry in the next few hours and you will be eating quality food that is beneficial for your belly.

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