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Pure Reiki Healing Master

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Amazing Secret Discovered by
Middle-Aged Construction
Worker Releases Healing
Energy Through The Palm of
His Hands.


Love tends to form an emotional tree that is impoverished if relationships and communication are blocked. When feelings do not flow due to fears and hatred, Pure Love is turned off and does not bear fruit.


Indifference is also a lack of Love. And there is nothing more painful and cruel than showing indifference towards those who suffer …


Love, with a capital letter, disappears to become something else, surely something unhappy and mean; a vengeful, interested, controlling, manipulative, selfish love. that creates suffering.


When Fear is the sap, we feel imprisoned in the fear of being hurt, humiliated, despised, not being reciprocated, not worthy. we deny ourselves to live in the radiance of Pure Love.


When Hate is at our roots, which knows how to disguise itself and adopt different forms to simulate, then we say with great conviction: “I don’t hate anyone.


When your heart rejects and excludes this or the other, justifying itself, it is that you feel aversion…. Although you do not wish him evil openly there is not the slightest feeling of compassion or understanding towards the other; are you hating.


Let’s start by loving ourselves. Pure Love is the Sun and the Water that nourishes us. In Mother Earth, there is Love that sustains and nourishes us.


Keeping in mind the full presence of my being as * I am LOVE * is what makes me feel at Peace, united to everyone.


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