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Crunchless Core


The most effective way to sculpt chiseled Abs and an Iron Core in just 60 days without screwing up your spine

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Crunchy Punching is a bodyweight exercise that works your obliques.

Crunchy Punching is a great moderate move. When done correctly, it can effectively target your waistline and core.

Requires no equipment to do.

How to Crunchy Punch


Lie on your back with your knees bent. Use your core to sit up. Throw two hits at the top and come back. Don’t use momentum to propel yourself up. Use your core!

Illustrated guide

Learn how to crisp punches from these step-by-step illustrations:

Muscles worked

The range of muscles and techniques used for crunch punches may vary slightly depending on the range of training, but in the most common cases, there are muscles used for crunch punches:

Primary muscles

  • Oblique

Synergistic Muscles

  • Biceps
  • Lower abs
  • Upper abs

Frequent questions

What muscles does Crunch Punching work?

Crunchy punches work obliquely.

What is Crispy Punching for? Is Crunching Punching Good Exercise?

Training, progressions, and regressions

Are you interested in how to improve your Crunch Punch faster?

Crunchy Punch training and progressions

Standards and averages

Wondering how others perform in Crunchy Punching and how should you?

Crunch Punch Standards and Averages

The alternatives

Wondering how to work the same muscles with other exercises?

Crisp Punching Alternatives


Wondering how to make Crunchy Punching easier or harder?

Crisp Punch Variations


Type (s) Body Weight, Calisthenics, Strength, Aerobic, Cardio, Cardiovascular Endurance


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