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Grow Taller


The Simple, Easy, Step by Step Way to increase Your height in the next 6 weeks

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It sounds crazy but we can grow at least an inch and that inch is the compression we have between the vertebrae, due to the lack of exercise.
Whether we are sitting at our desk, standing on a counter, or simply walking, we often apply the weight to our body only from the front, thus leaving the back muscles unused and dormant.
Even in our workouts, we spend a lot of our time toning the abs, forgetting to work on our spinal extension.
But what are the benefits we get from working with the back?

As you strengthen your back muscles, you help the shoulder blades hold the weight down and create external shoulder rotation.
We spend so much time with our shoulders turned internally, while typing on laptops or writing on phones, that the opposite rotation becomes weird and unusual, but correcting our daily posture is an important balance to create. A stronger back will improve your overall posture and a better posture will make you appear taller and more confident!
Many people suffer from neck pain and create real cords right next to the neck. Why are the cervical muscles contracted? It is the excessive tension that we accumulate during the day or sometimes it is an incorrect diet. Incorrect digestion often leads to headaches and joint pain.
Hydration also plays a fundamental role, in fact, it seems that if we don’t drink enough water, our tissues lose elasticity by about 4%. The result will be a shorter appearance and therefore if we go lower. So drinking water becomes part of the daily routine and we absolutely cannot forget!

Strengthen your body in the back

Toning exercises help improve the strength and tone of the muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis as well. The most frequent condition of those with back pain or knee pain or neck pain is characterized by the weakness of the abdominal muscles which is translated with an excessive contraction load of the lumbar muscles for this reason it is useful next to stretching exercises also strengthen the abdominal muscles that are why in good yoga routines there are always 10 15 minutes of work of the abdominal muscles aimed at stabilizing the trunk and lower limbs.
Most people assume that your ‘core’ is just your abs, but your core is made up of much more than your abs. Your core includes the muscles that stabilize your spine, as well as your glutes, pelvic floor, and more.
When you have a balance between the strength of the front and back of the body, it helps to keep the spine in its optimal position which provides support for the pelvis and relieves tension in the lower back.

Spinal Mobility

A healthy spine is one that can move in all directions; forward, backward and to the side. To gain mobility we need to do exercises that allow our spine to be in a variety of positions.
We naturally flex (round forward) and rotate (rotate around) our spine in many of our daily movements, but we rarely extend (bend back) our spine, unless, of course, it’s part of our routine.
Often back pain and appearing not too high also depend on the condition of overweight so muscle toning and possible weight loss are two factors related to training, which in the end cannot be considered separate. Losing weight is not enough, in addition to losing weight you also need to decrease fat and increase muscles.
So here is a link to my Instagram channel in which I give you a four-minute routine that will allow you to strengthen the back muscles and I also add an excellent recipe for a vegan sports breakfast in which we associate and increase the normal use of vitamins and soy milk also becomes collagen so it is a panacea for the connective tissues, the skin and everything related to hydration.


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