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Aloe Juice: The Ultimate Health Shot

In Aloe vera, we find about 20 amino acids, fundamental for protein retention, eight of them vital for the proper functioning of the body

It also has fatty acids that help reduce fat levels in the blood and relieve indigestion; vitamins A, B, and C, necessary to keep our body healthy and in good condition, as well as minerals such as iron or magnesium.


Do you know Bialoe from Atlantia?

Due to all these properties, Aloe vera juice has become a “magic drink” with multiple benefits for the immune system, the digestive tract, cardiovascular health, etc. Biology 100% pure organic farming in the Canary Islands ayaloyera full pages out of the manufacturing process, and thanks to the fine, the best guarantee for preserving active principles present in the plant // Price: $7  (500ml)


In your kitchen.

Combine Aloe with fruits and/or vegetables, as they provide the body with some of the vitamins and minerals that we need daily, such as apple (potassium, fiber, and high antioxidant power), lemon (vitamin C and calcium), etc. As a result, we obtain a drink that works as a natural barrier against external agents that put our well-being at risk.


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