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Thrive90 Fitness Program


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Thrive90 Fitness identity information and a physical conditioning program in the region objective of the project is to be made public in its performance, which can be implemented in the
library area of the Ibero-American University Corporation. According to the framework document of the Public Policy of Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity 2009 – 2019, taking as a reference the study carried out by the FES 2009 Perception of Physical Activity foundation, it refers that 55.3% of adults do not perform any physical activity and 20.1% of deaths in the city are caused by diseases that can be attributed to physical inactivity. To this extent, a sedentary lifestyle is a cultural, educational, and public health problem that the district government seeks to address through the more active Bogotá public policy. This program points to a latent need in society and that in particular sectors is more clearly evident, which is the level of sedentary lifestyle that is experienced, thanks to multiple factors such as low active leisure time, according to the District Secretary of Health (2010 ) General Guidelines Collective Intervention Plan (PIC) Physical activity mainstreaming: “The scarce practice of physical activity in human groups is the result of inadequate urban planning processes, the increase in motorized transport, the use of computerization and technologies communication, jobs and hobbies, which increasingly require less physical effort and provide greater comfort. This situation affects the perception of the quality of life that each person has and directly their physical and mental health; therefore, this project aims to provide a methodological and conceptual basis for the formulation of a physical exercise program based on the needs and opportunities of the librarians of the Ibero-American University Corporation to increase their

perception of comprehensive well-being. From the educational point of view, physical activity is a vital process for the human being because the movement is part of life and understood as a Physical Conditioning Program for Administrative Employees 6 motor of learning; Through it, the integral development of human potential is generated. Consequently, we must contribute to the development of an education framed in the recognition of self-care and health, as basic components of well-being, where physical activity is one of the means to achieve it. Physical Education takes physical activity as a fundamental element in the development of a healthier and more stable society, becoming this in the professional and social interest, since it impacts the perception of well-being and manages to result not only in the physical state with the developed bodywork and the physiological adaptation that the different systems achieve thanks to it, if not in their mental state, improves the ways of relating, social spaces, productivity, the feeling of satisfaction, among others; generating a positive impact not only on the individual but also on their immediate environment, achieving this through a physical exercise scheme developed under the framework of a methodological, systematic and sequential program that responds to the needs of the participating population. For all the aforementioned, it is clear that the area in which this project is framed is the area of health since the intention is to improve long-term physical and mental health, through physical exercise of the participating population and Likewise, generating physical activity as a life habit that can prevent or reduce some type of disease in the long term through regular and planned physical exercise.


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