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The Getting Pregnant Plan


Need help to get pregnant, the answers exist, get the plan here.

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Conception occurs thanks to the encounter between a mature female oocyte and a sperm. The female fertile period begins five days before its maturation, which coincides with its release from the ovaries that produced it and brought it to complete development.
The fertilized egg makes the journey that divides it from the uterus in about seven days, but be careful, contrary to what is generally believed once it reaches the uterus it does not stick to its wall as if it were a magnet against the wall of the refrigerator, but through a complex process that can last up to a few days.
To get pregnant, it is, therefore, necessary to make love during the fertile period, which ideally lasts for six days:
the five days before ovulation
the day of ovulation which lasts about 12-24 hours
The time span is so long (six days) because male sperm can survive in the tubes, in which they rise from the cervix, for up to six days. It remains, however, that conception takes place only and exclusively on the day of ovulation.

How to Get Pregnant Quickly and Easily

Becoming a mother is a truly exciting experience for any woman on the face of the earth.

The desire to have a child becomes so strong, that it happens to hear women looking for ways to know how to get pregnant if he doesn’t want to. Surely the best way is to talk about it and find points of agreement and avoid implementing strategies to obtain conception without him knowing!

But what are the best and most effective techniques needed to get a woman pregnant?

If you have any doubts or problems getting pregnant, do not lose heart and consult a specialist doctor or find out about the best methods and treatments for conception, otherwise, read this little guide to conception calmly.



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