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The 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution


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Do you have low blood pressure?
Do you have lower blood pressure, are you not a top athlete and do you experience some complaints? Then it is good to bring your blood pressure to the right level. Nausea is no fun, but fainting can also be dangerous. If you recognize several of the symptoms below, have your blood pressure measured by your doctor or measure your blood pressure yourself. Nowadays blood pressure monitors can be bought everywhere for about two decades. I advise you to get such a device at home. In this way, you can keep an eye on your blood pressure yourself. If you have normal blood pressure, a quick check once a month is sufficient. Preferably always measure at the same time of the day, your blood pressure can vary considerably per time of day. Do you want to know which one I have at home? Then click here.

10 symptoms by which you can recognize low blood pressure
• Dizziness or light-headedness
Low blood pressure causes your heart to pump less blood to your head and brain. This can make you dizzy or light-headed.
• Fainting or blackening
If you don’t take it easy when you feel dizzy or light-headed, such as standing still, sitting, or lying down, it can turn black before your eyes. In the worst case, you can even pass out.
• More than normal thirst
Due to dehydration, the volume of the blood in your body decreases, and that causes a drop in your blood pressure. Your body wants to make up for the shortage, so you get extremely thirsty.
• Concentration problems
With low blood pressure, less blood enters your brain. This makes thinking more difficult. For example, it takes more effort to come up with solutions for simple problems. Focusing and concentrating becomes difficult.
• Blurred vision after standing up


Blurring or seeing spots in front of your eyes when you just got up can also be a sign of low blood pressure. Lower blood pressure makes your body less able to pump blood quickly. And that is especially necessary if you suddenly get up from bed or a chair.

• Nausea
Just like your brain, your intestines need blood to function properly. Is not enough blood going to the intestines? Then you can get nauseous.
• Cold skin
Do you often have cold (and clammy) skin? Then this is a sign that the blood circulation in your skin is not optimal. This may be due to low blood pressure. The body first pumps blood to your vital organs – because they are more important – and only then to the skin. Your skin gets less blood and is therefore colder.
• Shortness of breath
Muscles also need blood for their functioning. Such as the diaphragm muscles that you use for breathing. Do you have lower blood pressure? Then you may be less able to expand your chest, which can cause you to experience shortness of breath.
• More than normal fatigue
Your blood ensures that your entire body and organs get enough nutrients and waste products are removed. It is necessary for everything you do. With low blood pressure, it takes longer for your body to get the necessary nutrients and waste products are removed. As a result, your body has to make do with less fuel. That is why you are tired more, sooner and faster.
• Feeling depressed
Your brain also receives less fuel. While the brain desperately needs this for the production of, for example, hormones that provide a ‘happy feeling’. Low blood pressure can therefore also have psychological consequences and even cause feelings of depression!



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