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Old School, New Body


Now You Can Slow the Aging Process to A Crawl, Quickly Sculpt The Body You’ve Always Wanted, Plus Make It Look As If You’re Aging ‘Backwards’… And Do It All In Just 90 Minutes A Week

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How was the project born?
Many bodybuilders have forgotten the importance of aesthetics, they are obsessed with size (muscle mass), they just want to look bigger, they abuse the consumption of growth hormone (GH), resulting in a swollen abdomen in the shape of a “B”, bodybuilding is progressing in an unacceptable way leading to a negative impact.

In the old days (golden age) people observed bodybuilders and said to themselves: “I would love to have that body” but that is not something that can be said about current competitors before iron lovers were characterized by having a body in the shape of a “V” (flat and muscular abdomen), this discipline was synonymous with perfection, proportion, symmetry, and definition, but today it seems to be the opposite.
Bodybuilding is dying.

This project was born with the purpose of motivating, inspiring, encouraging, awakening interest so that the world returns to training and obtaining a beautiful body again.
The Old School of bodybuilding means perfection, proportion, symmetry, and definition, “V” shaped bodies, sunken and muscular stomachs, an aesthetic figure can be more than a large body.
The isotype is made up of the initials L V E, together they form a torso, this part of the body is the most amazing thing in athletes of the golden age.



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