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My Cellulite Solution


NEW Bodyweight Hack Reverses “Cottage Cheese Thighs” So You Can Visibly SEE Smoother, Leaner & Sexier Legs At ANY Age!

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Cellulite Remedies: Here are the six, discoveries that helped me defeat it. And how can you use them to do it too! Today, I will reveal to you the 6 discoveries that helped me to defeat cellulite and detect the mistakes that (in the past years) prevented me from succeeding! In addition, I will also reveal the weekly beauty program that I still use today to take care of my legs! Important: when I started the process my cellulite was between the second and third stages and it took me about 4 months to get to almost completely eliminate it. Consequently, depending on your current stage it may take more or less time than me. Don’t know your current stage of cellulite? Find out in less than 1 minute with ==> THIS TEST! Ok, let’s get started! My story, in short, My name is Elisa and I am a girl who, until 5 years ago, was so ashamed of her cellulite to find any excuse not to show her bare legs (and living in Riming you understand well that it is a problem).

Arriving at the point of preferring a desolate shopping center to a beach party with friends, even on August 15th and with 35 °C My “complicated relationship” with cellulite started around 23/24 years old.  Then you want the contraceptive, you want less physical activity and here it comes out more and more evident! I’ll be honest: initially, I underestimated it a bit. I thought it was precisely the pill’s fault, and that — once the hormone level was settled — it would go away by itself. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and indeed. not only did it not improve but it continued to WORSE! A year later (summer 2013) the situation had become serious and I tell you the truth, I was very sick. :(Living in Riming, you go to the beach for many months a year, and you know it … in a bathing suit under the sun, EVERY LITTLE DEFECT is evident. Let alone legs full of cellulite! I was very ashamed and then I tried to: • stay on the bed as much as possible • wear shorts every time I got up •After an emotionally complicated summer, where I pretended not to worry about the problem but wanted to burn all my shorts every time I looked in the mirror. I decided it was time to change things RADICALLY! I started with: • cycles of anti-cellulite creams • aesthetic treatments (mesotherapy and pressotherapy) • a strict food plan • 3 workouts per week in the gym. In short, I had started loaded like a spring! In the first 2 months, I saw some results… but from November onwards the improvements were minimal and DEFINITELY not enough given the amount of time (and laboriously saved money) I got frustrated because in order to afford all the treatments I had given up the ski week with my friends, to buy some clothes I liked, to the hairdresser … and the little I had got was gone in a few days. I began to convince myself that my genetics sucked and that there was nothing for me to do … and between one negative thought and another May had already arrived and the dreaded “swimsuit test”! I tried a few moves in extremis to recover at least what little I had improved in the first months, but with poor results also because: • With the heat training became more and more difficult, the group courses I attended in winter were suspended and I really didn’t want to train alone.


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