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Lift Weights Faster

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Lose body fat, build muscle, and increase your cardio capacity with SUPER-short workouts.

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Many people misunderstand the purpose of weight lifting. According to most, it is only to build strength physically or to make your body big and muscular. But there are many more benefits to having healthy strong muscles.

Lifting weights isn’t just for men. Women fear that lifting weights will make them too muscular. However, that fear is completely unfounded as you will read and see later in the interview with Denise. Heavy Lifting, on the other hand, offers many benefits for our health! Below 11 reasons why you could do it:

1. Your fat melts away!
For every kilogram of muscle you grow, you burn an extra 50 to 100 extra calories per day. And for that, you don’t even have to adjust your diet.

2.Less chance of bone loss
Weight lifting not only ensures that your bone mass is maintained, but in combination with a healthy diet it will even strengthen your bones.

3. You get stronger faster
While lifting light weights increases your endurance (CrossFit), your muscles grow faster when you confront them with heavyweights. Do not forget to limit the number of repetitions so that you do not overload your muscles. At CrossFit Heerenveen, we have an experienced coach who takes this into account.

4. Your belly fat will disappear
With weightlifting, you lose more fat between the intestines than people who only do cardio. This way you not only look better in swimwear, but it also lowers the risk of diabetes, cancer,

5. It is good for self-confidence.
Lifting heavy weights not only makes you physically stronger, but it also boosts your confidence.
6. It prevents injuries.
Painful knees when walking are not normal. You can avoid this by strengthening the muscles around your joints so that they provide better support. In addition to CrossFit, weight lifting is also a very good method for this.

7. Your posture improves.
As your muscles strengthen, you will automatically walk and sit upright. Bonus: That way you look slimmer and fitter!

8. It’s good for your heart.
Lifting weights can help you control your blood pressure, strengthen your heart muscle, and reduce your risk of diabetes.

9. Less low back pain.
Do you often suffer from pain in your lower back? That’s because your muscles are too weak, which improves quickly when you start weight training

10. It lowers stress symptoms.
Lifting weights is super effective at fighting bad mood, winter blues, and signs of depression.

11. Social Media
It will of course look great on your Instagram or Facebook account!

Still not convinced?
Below are a few short questions to Denise who has been doing CrossFit and weight lifting for a few years and Matthijs who is the Weightlifting Coach of CrossFit Heerenveen.





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