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Symptoms of knee complaints?

With knee complaints, you have pain around the knee joint when you move or load your knee, and sometimes also when you keep the knee still. Sometimes the pain radiates from the knee to the thigh, lower leg, or the hip and groin. This often says something about the type of condition that is underlying the knee pain. The pain complaints can seriously hinder your daily activities and your sport or work.


How does knee pain arise?

Pain in the knee can develop suddenly or gradually. Sometimes the knee complaints are caused by overload or the wrong position of your foot. Making the same movements for a long time, such as in endurance sports, or delivering an explosion force in jumping sports can cause irritation and inflammation in the knee. Furthermore, knee pain or knee complaints regularly occur together with a deviation or limitation of the foot. The exact cause of knee pain can often be found by your physiotherapist.


What can be wrong with knee pain?

Pain in the knee can have many causes. It is important that you make an appointment with the physical therapist so they can diagnose the underlying condition. Certain conditions such as knee tendonitis or knee osteoarthritis have a specific symptom pattern. Your physiotherapist can determine, for example, one of the following problems;




Patella femoral pain syndrome

Jumpers knee

Runners’s knee

Osteoarthritis in the knee

Other causes of knee pain

sprain or sprain of the knee

dislocation of the knee

contusion of the knee

bacterial infection

pinched nerve


Bursitis in the knee

Many bursitis is caused by chronic overload. When there is bursa inflammation in the knee, the pain often radiates down the kneecap. This form of knee pain is common in people who often have to sit on their knees for their job. Consider, for example, tilers or plumbers. When the knee is in contact with the floor, the bursa of the knees is heavily loaded. A bursa is a type of cushion between the tendon and the bone of the knee that absorbs friction and pressure on the knee joint.


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