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Accidental Discovery After Breaking Leg Reveals Rarely-Used Ab Training Secret to Shedding Belly Fat, Shrinking Your Waistline, and Getting Toned Abs ? Quickly?

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We are still in February, but it is already a good time to start the bikini operation and avoid leaving it for the end trying to get in shape in just a few days. For this, from Plaza Mayor, we bring the star exercise to strengthen our abdomen: hypopressive abs. This type of abdominal has incredible benefits for our body and there are already many celebrities who have been encouraged to join this practice. Here we update you on everything you need to know about hypopressive abs so that you are encouraged to get down to work.

What are hypopressive abs?

This type of exercise is an alternative to the traditional contractions that we all think of when we talk about abs. In addition, it is much more beneficial and we avoid the harmful effects that traditional abdominal exercises can have if they are not done in a completely correct way.

If you are wondering how to put this method into practice that will benefit our body and facilitates our bikini operation, here is a brief explanation of these exercises.

It is a series of exercises in different postures that involve contracting the muscles in an isometric and deep way through continuous breathing and respiratory apneas. In this way, we will be able to activate all the muscles of the abdominal girdle.

The main thing to start practicing hypopressive abs is knowing how to adopt a correct body posture and control it in each position we perform. Do you know how to position your body correctly?: Lower your shoulders, close your ribs, and open your scapulae, keep your chest high, look straight ahead and try to grow as much as possible.

Following these placement guidelines, we will begin to perform the different postures to practice hypopressive abdominals. If you are starting out in this method, we advise you to have a professional by your side to guide and advise you during the exercise. In addition, there are three basic postures you should start your series of breaths and breaths with:

  • Self-lengthening
  • Deocaptation and axis tilt
  • Quadruped exercise

Video of how to do hypopressive abs

Here is a video in which you can see more clearly how the different postures and breaths of the hypopressive abdominals are performed:

How to breathe doing hypopressive abs?

Breathing is essential to do hypopressive abs well and it is very important that we focus on doing it correctly. The first step we have to follow is to lie down on a mat where we are comfortable to relax for a few minutes before starting.

We begin with chest breathing for which we must lie on our back and place our hands on the sternum. Then, we take a deep breath through the nose and release it little by little, feeling the breath well in the sternum area.

To carry out costal breathing, we will again leave a few minutes of rest with which to relax before starting again. This time we will place our hands on the ribs and deliberately breathe in, noticing how the ribs open. Finally, we let the air release progressively feeling how the ribs close again.

To finish, we will perform abdominal breathing by placing a hand under the navel and slowly taking air through the nose. Thus, when we release the air we will feel our abdomen swell and deflate.

Benefits of hypopressive abs

This type of exercise was created as a recovery method for women after childbirth. From there, many more benefits have been discovered than this practice brings us.

Many celebrities such as Amaia Salamanca, Malena Costa, or Cristina Pedroche frequently practice hypopressive abs to maintain their figure. And it is that this exercise, in addition to preventing the weakening of the pelvic floor in the postpartum, helps to regulate respiratory parameters and to avoid inguinal, abdominal, healing, and vaginal hernias.

One of the best-known benefits, and why many women start in this method, is the reduction of the waist. If we perform hypopressive abdominals frequently and correctly, we can reduce the circumference of our waist by up to 8%.

In addition, we will be able to strengthen the entire area of the abdominal girdle and increase the muscles of the core, which are the muscles that will provide us with stability and prevent possible injuries.


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