Alkaline Diet

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How Can Alkaline Diet Transform Your Health

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Alkaline Diet

Within the wide range that currently exists of regimes and diets to lose or maintain a healthy weight, there is one that stands out from the crowd for its basic precepts. We are talking about the alkaline diet, followed by a multitude of celebrities from around the world and highly successful, especially in the United States. Have you heard of her? This particular treatment completely rejects foods that can alter the acidity or alkalinity of our body, popularly known as pH, due to the possibility of influencing our health.

Therefore, the alkaline diet must be composed of 80% alkaline ingredients, while the remaining 20% corresponds to acidic (and healthy) foods that balance the pH of our body. In addition, as in the rest of the diets, physical exercise, proper lifestyle habits, and a good night’s sleep are also of utmost importance.
Foods allowed in the alkaline diet
Another characteristic of this regimen is that it classifies foods into two categories: alkalizing and acidifying. Green vegetables, avocados, potatoes, bananas, almonds, algae, corn, milk, or carrots belong to the first group, suitable for the alkaline diet, among others. While the acidifying foods that you should moderate are, for example, citrus fruits, honey, vinegar, yogurt, the sweetest fruits, acidic vegetables, or kefir.
In contrast, red meat, eggs, fish, shellfish, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tea, or mushrooms, among others, are the foods with the highest degree of acidity and, therefore, most discouraged. Under this premise, what impact does this diet have on our body?
Pros and cons of the alkaline diet

According to the proponents of this diet, its benefits include not only avoiding acidosis, a disease caused by excess acids in tissues and blood. It also provides more energy, helps purify the body, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and helps maintain body weight.
However, the alkaline diet also has a large number of detractors, who claim that an alkaline body is not a healthier body and that the theories of such a diet have not been validated by the scientific community. In addition, they indicate that it is impossible to modify the body’s pH, only that of some fluids such as urine and that its levels are different depending on the area of the body that is analyzed.
Of course, if followed properly, it should not be a diet that is harmful to health, although it does not fulfill the promises that its basic precepts dictate. So is it really worth following?




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