How to have more clients in your carpentry workshop

With the imminent arrival of the new year, (which also coincides with the beginning of a new decade), it is time to start planning all those actions that will allow our company to continue growing and reach new figures, objectives, and markets, catch up with the new digital marking tools.

One of the main concerns of carpentry and furniture workshops, and which directly affects the growth expectations of the company, is usually precisely that of facing the challenge of getting new customers.

Effective tips to attract new clients to your woodworking or furniture workshop

Although achieving a position for a carpentry product or service requires time, the great advantage that the Internet makes available to us today is the possibility of shortening these times, facilitating direct communication with potential clients through different media. that are available to everyone to sell their products.

We no longer only have access to traditional advertising through radio, press, TV, etc…. Rather, online advertising has become the most direct way of offering the client exactly what they are looking for, either through Google Adwords or with the creation of more targeted ads on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. , Pinterest, or even through WhatsApp. In this way it is possible to create very cheap campaigns; or even with a bit of skill and time, to reach your potential clients completely free of charge, either through these channels or by creating a blog where you share content that may be useful to your clients.

Therefore, a range of possibilities opens up to generate traffic to your own workshop or your own services, so that in a short time it has good profitability by making a relatively small investment in terms of advertising resources.

Here are some strategies so that you can attract new customers to your carpentry workshop this coming year.

Communication with the market

As we have said previously, in the carpentry and furniture sector there is great competition, so it is essential that you expand your knowledge about the requirements or consumption habits of your potential clients; that will make you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Listening to the market will make you aware of the latest trends, know what the needs of potential customers are, and identify the different sectors in which the carpentry-related economy moves.

Participate in business meetings, exhibitions, events, and business meetings related to the furniture and wood sector, where you can obtain information, trends, and new ideas as well as publicize your business. Keep in mind that it is in these environments where you can make new partnerships and alliances, meet new clients, or even people interested in investing in your brand, product, and service.

In addition, the process of speaking to the market is in itself, the process of disclosing with the support of advertising, or in the different means at your fingertips, in order to reach that target audience that perhaps, directly, would be impossible to reach, either by factors of time or distance.

Post content that arouses interest, intrigue, curiosity; or on topics that may be of use to your audience and that are also related to the products you sell. Key posts are helpful to them on important issues. Of course, you can study the competition, but only to have a vision and create your own content that makes a difference by being innovative.

There is a very simple way to obtain information about what our clients are most interested in, and it is precisely by using the database of prospective clients who at some point have contacted your workshop, either through the website or through the mail. By reading your comments we will find the issues that most concern you, which will offer us an excellent dynamic to continue creating content and never run out of topics to post about.

Research and Design Feasibility

Always offer more than what the customer can expect for a product, and convey professionally the value of your work and how you can provide a real solution to their needs. It also manufactures products with which you can meet the quality standards that every client always wants to receive.

In this sense, it would be convenient to have a software that governs all the important aspects of both the design and the manufacture of the furniture, going through the creation of budgets and parts, thus allowing the channeling of a series of actions in a systematic, logical, organized way. and that will provide confidence in new customers towards your carpentry.

Neowin Fabricación, the specialized software for furniture and carpentry factories and workshops, makes it easy for you to focus on helping the new client make the right decisions, based on previous conversations that allow us to suggest the best quality and longest-lasting designs, materials, or finishes, also allowing them previewing the results of your furniture in the most realistic way possible and in context, and evaluating your projects automatically. It also presents in a personalized way all the documentation that you have to deliver to your clients, which saves time and offers a more professional image.

Thanks to this strategy, you will always remain as an expert before the client, thus generating greater confidence and having their own clients recommend you widely, helping you to get new clients.

Create a website or blog of your carpentry

Consider that many visits to your site will be from people who do not know your carpentry, so you should have a website that includes their physical location, telephone, contact email, or social networks, as well as very high-quality photographs of your products.

In addition, it would also be a good idea for the website to find valuable content, such as explanatory videos of some of the processes, photo galleries of your finished furniture, comments, designs, trends, products and services, testimonials from satisfied customers …

Also here it will be essential to have a material that illustrates your products in a professional way, highlighting the design of your furniture, either through photographs or through photorealistic renders that allow the client to visualize the furniture before its manufacture, even projected in indoor environments. Again, at this point Teowin allows you to create spectacular renders and high quality 360º panoramic images, presentation videos, interactive 3D rooms on-line … and also implements multiple options, traditional and avant-garde, to easily present all your work in an impeccable way.

Use the lure of discounts and show your customers how much you care

You should try to show both your new clients and those you already have in your portfolio, how important they are since they are the main pillar of your business and they are what will make your business prosper.

To demonstrate this, you can give them some kind of gift through your website, including free advice, an exclusive promotion for new clients, discounts for frequent clients, among others. With this strategy, you will be able to retain your potential clients and evangelize your recurring clients.

You must also remember to take care of interpersonal relationships, generating a long-term relationship with your clients, either by periodically offering them services that complement their product or by offering them new products.

Social networks as allies to attract new customers

Having a good presence on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin implies establishing a long-term strategy, studying the audience, knowing the available resources, defining objectives, and measuring results. The implications of using social networks for a carpentry workshop are many and all positive. Bringing our potential clients closer to the work processes in the creation of the furniture, as well as ideas, inspirations, success stories and catalogs is an excellent way to create synergies and give greater visibility to your business, which will allow you to constantly interact with them, and create community.

Here are a few actions that as a carpentry or furniture workshop you can develop to connect with users.

The furniture: Create a fan page with the catalog of the products you offer. This will allow you to gain followers among users who like what they see.

The design: Your furniture may be made with recycled and sustainable materials, or that it responds to a novel manufacturing technique, or perhaps it is a versatile piece with multiple uses … The task is to teach the furniture’s differential value.

The making-of: An excellent way to enhance a piece of furniture is to highlight all the work that goes into it. If you show the evolution of how it has been conceived and manufactured, you are sure to win the attention of the audience. You can include testimonials (writings, graphics, videos) from the creators.

Involve users: It should be remembered that social networks allow much more than “giving alike” and sharing. Real and fruitful conversations can take place between brands and users.

Play with furniture: Don’t limit yourself to displaying your furniture in neutral backgrounds. Go further and show them in different environments: classic, modern, contemporary, cold/warm, urban/rural, etc. You will be able to reach all tastes and inspire your users to create their stay based on their own style.

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